Mind Mapping Your Vision

Making a decision for your vision

In this episode we’re gonna focus on a useful technique to help us make a decision for our vision so that we can eliminate procrastination, and take action

A lot of people say they have big dreams 

People say they have big goals 

But when you ask them to really describe those goals and dreams, they tend to speak in general. There’s not a whole of of specifics. They have some sort of idea, but they’re not really sure EXACTLY what their vision looks like. 

I personally struggled with this a lot throughout my life. Thankfully I don’t anymore…

  • I’ve been a photographer 
  • I’ve been a sales manager 
  • I’ve been a general manager 
  • I’ve been a call center rep 
  • I’ve been a car wash person 
  • I worked at a movie theater 
  • I’ve worked at a junk yard
  • I’ve worked for Kinko’s 
  • I sold Lexus cars
  • I was a realtor
  • Did I mention I was a photographer?
  • I’ve designed websites 
  • I’ve been a consultant 

I’ve had so many different jobs  throughout my life because I didn’t have any SPECIFICS on my visions. My life’s direction was being determined the opportunities presented versus CREATING opportunities that aligned with my goals and dreams. 

However I learned how to change that once I discovered the value of having a clear vision. 

I started by reflecting on who I was and asking myself who do I want to be. One question that came up was: If money was no object for the rest of my life what would i wake up and do?

This is a question I recommend you write down, and ask yourself. (Seriously.. write it down, and write your answer down). People don’t take the time to truly think about this question, or even more important, to write down the answer. Talking about it is NOT the same as putting it in writing. 

If I could wake up every day and not worry about money I would wake up and do exactly what I’m doing now…which is educating and empowering people to see and surpass their potential. Everyday I provide people with tools and systems they can use to maximize their lives. However my vision has way more details than that. 

I have a vision of land where people can come to disconnect; to be empowered and connect with the leader that they have within themselves. I see a place where we can break bread, grow together through challenging and uplifting conversations. I can even describe the type of home I want on my land. Imagine large shipping containers with cut out windows to create a modern feel.  Imagine feeling the warmth of bright fresh wood on the walls, combining with the coolness of gray stone under your feet. Picture large trees, fields of grass, and a small lake. That’s how I describe my vision. 

How did I get to all of those details you ask?

Mind Mapping.

Mind mapping’s is a lot like brainstorming. It’s just more visually clear, structured, and appeasing to my eyes. 

Aaron Abramson from lifehack speaks about mind mapping , and he defines it as a simple organizational process using diagrams to list the information, ideas, and details to help assess the big picture. Mind mapping is used not only by people but also by businesses to generate ideas, improve processes, and help teams create new ways to come together on projects. 


Sample of a Mind Map

To begin mind mapping, start with one word.  Write it in the middle of a page, and circle it. Then, draw a line from the circle and write the next word that comes to your mind and circle it. Allow your mind to completely release whatever comes to it. Just write as many words as you can, and as fast as you can. You repeat this process until your page is full, or you have no more ideas, or, my favorite approach, until your time is up. Set a short timer for yourself (90 seconds) and let that timer push you to get as much as you can out. Think of it as a race to let your ideas get on the page. Setting a timer forces you to accept each word without judgement. 

Once my timer is up I like to review the map and see what words I’ve written as well as how they make me feel. Are there any words that just grab my attention? I pay attention to how I respond to what I just wrote. Let your instincts guide you. 

Mind mapping can absolutely help you develop your vision. 

Depending on where you are with your vision will determine the best approach to take. 

If you already have an idea of what you want to do, then start with writing that idea in the middle of the page, in one word or as few words as possible. Then follow the same technique I described a minute ago. 

For those of you who have no idea whatsoever, I’d suggest starting with the word “vision”. Some people also like the word “dream”. Up to you. But start with the word vision and follow the same steps I went over. Meaning, write it down in the middle of the page and use a timer to force yourself to let out as much as you can as quickly as you can. One extra step you’ll have to do is after your first mind map is done, is you will then have to really reflect on your first map. You’ll then choose one word that you wrote down in your vision mind map, and use that word in a second mind map. Then repeat the mind map process using that new word, and it will help make your vision become more specific and clear to you. 

One key step that is needed no matter what stage in the vision development process you are in is reflection. Please give yourself the time to reflect and really learn about what you’ve written down. This will bro you to determine what actions you need to take.

So let’s recap…

What would I do if money was no object for the rest of my life? Think about and answer that question for yourself. 

Create a mind map using the word vision to develop your vision if you don’t have one already, or create a mind map using one word as few words as possible that describe what your vision currently is. (Time yourself!!)

Lastly, reflect. Let the words you wrote speak to you. 

That’s it. 

I’d love to see your mind map once it’s done. If you post it on your socials just use the hashtag TIMEVISIONACTION. If you need some help don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. You can find me on Instagram @timevisionaction or just go to http://www.timevisionaction.com and you can contact me through the web site. 

I hope you found value in this message today and I really hope you put the mind mapping technique to good use. 

As always, own your time. Develop your vision. Take action!

An Introduction To The Time Vision Action Zone

Hey everyone,

I’m so glad to announce that I finally launched my podcast. I created an introduction and just wanted to share with you what it is all about and what to expect from me along the way.

Here is a link to the podcast:

I have a goal.

My goal is to help people see and surpass their highest potential.

Hi! my name is Michael Garcia.

I am a facilitator, a teacher, a motivator, a speaker and a coach.

I’m also a husband, a son, a brother and a friend and this is my introduction to the time vision action zone.

I chose time vision action as the name for this podcast because these are the foundations of a successful life.

Time Is something that we get limited amounts of. It is passing us by every single day. There’s no way we can go back or rewind it. Nobody’s invented the time machine. Nobody has been able to freeze time. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said, “you may delay, but time will not”

Here is something about time I’ve come to realize… at some point our time will be up.

I’ve learned the value in knowing the exact day that I’m going to die 

I’ve come to understand that I have very little, and limited time left, so therefore I must maximize it!

This is why I do my best not to sit idle and let time pass. I know that once it’s gone it’s gone forever. 

I have developed routines and systems to help me own my time. I’ve researched and continue to study new approaches to time management. I’m looking forward to sharing that with you all. 

Believe me when I tell you I am not a perfectionist when it comes to time! There are moments when I catch myself saying that I can be better with my time. Like everyone else I am a work in progress. I will be sharing the habits that I’m learning, with the intention of helping you to develop your time management, in effect helping you to…own your time. 

I’ve asked a ton of people who I’ve trained and coached over the years, where do you see yourself in five years or 10 years. The common response is: “I don’t know…hopefully I will have a job and I’m okay.”

This response can be so self-defeating !

It means that the person I’m talking to hasn’t taken the opportunity to really picture what they want their life to look like.  They have not yet developed a vision. 

we used to do it as kids! 

when i played with my toys i had my imagination running 180 miles an hour!

having a vision may require you to be a kid again 

In order for a vision to come to life, you must be able to picture something that you want in your life, and then describe it to the world as if it already existed. 

It can be a certain way of living 

it could be a financial freedom 

It could be having children 

there’s so many different things that a vision can be, but the most important part of a vision is it’s clarity. 

you have to be able to clearly articulate your vision to the world if it’s ever going to come to fruition 

I’ve learned many different methods to develop a vision. 

Mind mapping is one of my favorites. 

you can also make vision boards 

You can meditate. You can even doodle aimlessly. Ralph Waldo Emerson understood vision when he said, “when there is no vision, people perish”

Throughout future episodes, I will help you develop your vision.

But What good is understanding time, and having a vision if you do nothing ?

Taking action is the most important part of the equation that leads to a successful life. Action is literally just convincing yourself to do whatever it is you need to do in order to get the result you want to get. 

Let me give you an example of how this all comes together:

My wife and I are currently trying to get pregnant. It’s been a battle to say the least (one of the few battles in my life that I can say I enjoy). We were recently told that fall into an “inexplicable infertility” category, and that there was no explanation for why we hadn’t gotten pregnant. Some may take that and see it as defeat. We took it as an opportunity to take action. We spend time learning about fertility and best times for getting pregnant. Diets and vitamins are also on the list of things we learned about. It’s been more fun than anything. It’s giving us a chance to truly understand what’s required in order for us to reach our goal. I believe it will happen, and I promise you I will not give up. I know that as long as we continue on the path that we have chosen, this will happen.

I totally have faith that as long as I understand and own my time; that I develop a vision that is clear and unforgettable, and that I take actions, no matter what circumstances life throws at me, I will get whatever I want.  

This is a small overview of what I’m about to do with this podcast and I really hope that you subscribe and you listen and you be a part of this journey with me 

I thank you once again! Remember, own your time, develop your vision, and take action. 

-Michael Garcia

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